[Advice Needed] I Love Her Deeply, But She Earns A Fatter Salary . Can I Still Ask Her Out?

Dear Tee,

There is this girl I have known since we were in the University. We were in the same dance group in school and I liked her so much. After dance rehearsals, I walk her to her hostel and we talk and laugh all the way, in fact, we were like best friends. She tells me deep things, even about guys that were asking her out. I thought about making our relationship platonic and asking her to be my girl friend. But I wasn’t sure if she felt the same way about me. I felt she just enjoyed our relationship as just friends. Because of this, I held my feelings not revealing it to her. After the service year, I got a job with a consulting firm in Lagos. She didn’t have a job at that time. Still my feelings for her remained the same. I told my friends how I felt about this girl, and they said I should go ahead to ask her out. I thought about it and I gathered courage to ask her to be my girl. I planned to reveal my feelings to her the next weekend but during that week, she called me to tell me she got a job in a multinational company, with a fat salary. I was happy and I rejoiced with her and I wished her well as she resumes her new job. But I started thinking about it again! Won’t she think I want to ask her out because she earns good money? Also, her salary is almost 5 times my salary, wont I be intimidated by this? This thoughts have been bothering me for a while now. It has been 3 months and yet I haven’t made my intentions known. Please help me…What should I do? Should I go ahead to ask her or just forget about her and move on to someone else? Thanks.