Dear Te
I have watched this in movies but never thought I could ever experience it. It all started when I got married to my wife in 2008. At that time, I was working in Benin. I was 33 when I got married and we had issues having a baby. I went to my doctor for check up, and the doctor told me I have low sperm count and that I might not be able to have a child. I felt sad. He gave me some prescriptions which I took. I also went to see the traditional healers. They gave me herbs and I took those also. After taking all what they gave me. I made love to my wife several times, still she didn’t get pregnant.
In 2010, I got another job in Lagos, with a better pay. And the job I got was demanding which made me stay in Lagos for 2 weeks sometimes without any opportunity to travel to Benin. I started hearing rumors that my wife doesn’t come home everyday, that she sleeps out and all that. I trusted her and I didn’t give any second thought to what people were telling me.
Early 2012, my wife called me on the phone to tell me that she was pregnant. I was happy and I rejoiced greatly. Few months later, she put to bed and I took a casual leave at work to travel down to Benin to see her. I saw the baby and I was filled with joy. We went to church for the child’s dedication. Did all necessary things and I traveled back to Lagos to work. That was in 2012. This is 2014, the boy is 2 years old and somehow, I have not seen any resemblance between me and the boy. It has got me thinking seriously. Am I the father of this boy? Should I do a blood test to confirm if he is mine or not? Should I ask my wife if she was cheating on me while I traveled to Lagos to work? These are questions bothering me about this boy. Please, what do I do? I love my wife so much, I don’t want her to feel I don’t trust her. I need HELP!