Accra Mall Condemns Abuse Of Alleged Shoplifters

The management of Accra Mall Limited has condemned the alleged humiliation of three young women on the premises of one of its retailers on Monday.

A statement issued by the owners of the Mall on Wednesday and copied to the Ghana News Agency said “the management of the Mall does not condone any infringement on the fundamental human rights of the shoppers and as such are appalled by the actions taken by the store management or its security service provider.”

It said investigations conducted by the management of the mall revealed that a case of “instant justice” was meted out to three young women on the premises of one of its retailers for alleged shoplifting at around 18:00 hours on Monday, February 24, 2014, when the management office had closed for the day.

According to the statement, the store manager of the outlet in question placed a distress call to their security company, who responded to the call, and that, the security company’s task force ordered the women to crawl from the store to the outside of the mall.

“We have instructed the Managing Directors of both the tenant and security service providers to urgently conduct a full investigation into the incident and ensure that appropriate actions be taken should their investigations confirm the allegation”, the statement added.

“The owners and management of Accra Mall believes in the dignity of every human being and would not condone any act which infringes this.”

It said the Accra Mall will continue to have as its primary goal, the provision of a safe and serene environment for shopping, leisure and entertainment to all its loyal customers.