Uche Jombo Is Full Of Fun—Vincent Nnamdi Opurum

Vincent Opurum is one of the fastest rising Nollywood stars and known for his outstanding lead roles in ”Shameless Romance”, “Helpless Kingdom|” and “Never Love a Prince” And his lead role as Kelvin in Chico Ejiro’s new award winning thriller “When Dreams Fall Apart” gave him an unforgettable time acting alongside famous Nollywood diva Uche Jombo.

“She is endowed of a lady to work with at all times. I learned a whole lot working with her and at the same time full of fun,” he said.

Nnamdi Opurum fondly called ”Sexy Vincent” is also a model who is always in demand for his attractive physique and unique face.

“When Dreams Fall Apart” also stars popular U.S based actor Emmanuel Mensah, Maureen Okpoko and Nonso Odogwu.

When dreams fall apart is a story about a girl on the run, to save her life. When her uncle whom she’s living with died, the death was framed on her so she ran away to stay with a group of friends who are into big time runs. One night they set out to hustle and she meets a rich expatriate guy who pays to sleep with her. In the process of their love making the guy had a heart attack and died instantly.

The girl takes off again, a fugitive running from the law. She gets knocked down by a moving car and she’s rushed to a nearby hospital. The rich young man who hit her falls in love with her and her romance kicks off against the will of the guy’s parents who have a rich and influential background.

They begin to dig into the girls past and expose her dirty secrets but the guy is blinded by love still goes ahead with the wedding plans

On the wedding day as they were about to be joined as husband and wife, we see a band of policemen who surrounds the venue and arrest the bride to be. When dreams fall apart is an intriguing story of love, betrayal, murder and pain.

“When Dreams Fall Apart” opens at the cinemas in Nigeria and Ghana from March 14. 2014.

Uche Jombo

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