Tema NDC Calls Bishop’s Bluff

The chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Tema Central Constituency has called the bluff of the Tema-based bishop who has threatened a court action against the party.

Mr Benjamin Djakumah, via a brief phone interview with The Finder, challenged Archbishop Boakye Asiamah, the founder of Abednego Incarnation, to go to court if he feels the NDC in the Tema Central Constituency has disappointed him in any way.

Sounding very unfriendly on phone, Mr Djakumah said, “My friend, I am in a meeting. I don’t know any Bishop Boakye and if he says he wants to go court because the NDC has disappointed him, he can go.”

Mr Djakumah, after saying those words, dropped the call and failed to pick up subsequent calls this reporter placed to his MTN line.

Archbishop Boakye Asiamah threatened to drag the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to court if the party failed to offer him the position of Spiritual and Special Advisor to the President.

He told The Finder in an interview that the NDC promised him the post in exchange of prayers to enable them win the election petition.

He said three of the executive members of Tema Central NDC, led by its constituency chairman, Mr Benjamin Djakumah, contracted him to offer intercessory prayers in his church premises weeks before the hearing on the matter began at the Supreme Court.

The pastor mentioned names such as Alhaji Bukari, who was believed to be representing the President, Mr Moses Adzah, the Vice-Chairman of the Tema Central NDC, and Mr Ahmed Mumuni, an opinion leader of the party in the constituency, as those who contracted him to pray for victory.

The bishop claimed that he fasted and prayed for the NDC and President Mahama with the assurance that once victory was pronounced in favour of the party and the President, he would move to the Flagstaff House, where he would become the President’s Spiritual and Special Adviser.

“It has been more than four months now since the verdict went in favour of the President and the NDC yet all efforts to get the executives of the Tema Central NDC to fulfil their part of the agreement have proved futile. Mr Djakumah continues to drop my calls or would refuse to pick up at all,” Bishop Asiamah said.

He showed a form bearing the NDC logo dated January 11, 2013 with the heading ‘Nomination as a spiritual and special advisor to the President’, which was duly signed by four people, with Alhaji Bukari, who indicated that he was representing the President, being the writer of the letter.

The letter stated in part: “Your remuneration and other gains will be communicated to you later by Alhaji Bukari on behalf of the President.”

Bishop Boakye Asiamah said: “I feel so cheated by the NDC and so I thought I should come out now to pour my heart and worries out to the general public and for the President to hear what his followers have done to me.”