Water Shortage: Kufour Gallons Will Be Eliminated Says Mahama

“We will eradicate the handling of the Kufuor gallons…Between this year and 2015, the total water supply in the Greater Accra area will increase…this will be enough to tackle the water demand in the area by the end of 2015,” Ghana’s President, John Dramani Mahama said.

He made this remark in the wake of the acute water shortage that has plagued the country over the years.

Majority of Ghanaians all over the city have been seen recently holding or carrying yellow gallons, popularly known as ‘Kufuor gallons’; in search of water.

Delivering his second State of the Nation Address in Parliament Tuesday, President John Mahama said government’s long term objective in water provision is to guarantee universal access by 2025.

“In the short term however, we are working to increase urban water coverage…Four projects are currently ongoing: the Kpong Water Supply Expansion Project, Kpong-Accra Water Purchase Project, Teshie-Nungua Desalination Plant and the Tema-Accra Water Project and when completed by 2015 will deliver a total of 55.3 additional gallons of water per day to the existing production”

The President said the issue of water will be a thing of the past after government completes with the projects mentioned. He emphasized that a number of projects intended to make water available to rural dwellers as well as achieve the MDG goal on water are already being rolled out.

“This will end the water starvation especially from the northern part of the capital city. So those of you who leave in Adenta, Haatso, East Legon, Madina…will all receive water. Mr. Speaker, we will work to eliminate the Kufuor gallons” he added.