Stop This Tribal Nuisance Afoko

As an ardent follower of the New Patriotic Party and a northerner I am deeply concerned about recent statement on tribalism in my party allegedly been engineered by an aspiring national Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and therefore wish to call for an immediate halt of this nuisance.

It is an undeniable fact that the New Patriotic Party, NPP has since its formation from the Dombo era, worked with several people from diverse tribal backgrounds, most especially from the Northern Region.
Indeed established facts have shown that very prominent people from the North have played vital roles in the party since its inception, and many more continue to do same even as at today.

The party on its part, has shown great appreciation for their wonderful contribution and this led to the attainment of a Vice Presidential Status by a northerner, first time ever, in the person of his Excellency the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

Other prominent personalities of northern descent such as Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia, (Running mate to the Flag bearer in 2012 elections) Alhaji Yakubu Tali, (Tolon Naa) The famous S. D. Dombo, Jato Kaleo, C. K. Tedam, Amande, Alhassan and many more others, have at various times, been given the needed recognition in the party for their meritorious services.

Although these aforementioned noble personalities of the north, did at some point fell out with the party on some major policy and internal decisions, never did I hear of any of the perpetuating such high level of violence against the party, as you Mr. Paul Afoko is highly suspected of doing.

Sincerely I have never witnessed the degree of hooliganism perpetuated by your so called supporters who rode on motor bikes, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and armed with such dangerous weapons as knives etc.

If I may ask this question Mr. Afoko, why should your supporters visit such acts of violence, which is an alien practice to the traditions of the NPP, on officials at the national office, just for the simple reason that you are under investigations by a vetting committee?

In trying to answer this question, I know you will try to be as crafty as you’ve always attempted to be, by dissociating yourself from or publicly denying any knowledge of these acts of hooliganism perpetuated by your hired thugs.

I wish to however put it to you that no matter your attempted explanations. I am very much aware that you are very guilty of this allegation.

In any case why should the tribal card be your trump card, if you sincerely believe your conscience is clean?

Are you not the very person who fought vehemently against the presidential candidature of your “own” fellow country man the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama of blessed memory? Yet you have the temerity and impudence to come to us in the north today, ask for our support and attempt to indoctrinate and brainwash us into believing that some persons from the South are trying to sideline all northerners from our great party.

Without mincing words, I wish to state authoritatively that your grand agenda has failed, and that northerners in this party like myself, will not be swayed by such cheap political propaganda.
If for nothing at all, I’m aware that several other candidates of northern descent, are vying for various national positions in the upcoming elections and we are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that those who deserve to be elected to the respective positions, will gain the mandate of the party delegates, as was the case in the last national executive elections during which such as Madam Otiko Djaba, Muctar Bamba, Talata etc. were elected.

As wise counsel to you Mr. Afoko, I wish to entreat you to focus on what good you’ve done for the party, thus if there is any, and rather stop these acts of ethnocentrism been peddled around by you and your few supporters

Be mindful that, all it takes in political party activism, it’s not just been wealthy through people in high places.

You must therefore respect the normal investigative habits in the party such as what is currently in place and subject yourself to it.
I take this opportunity to call on the vetting committee to execute its mandate expeditiously without fear or favour.