Make Me a Woman Tonight-Adults Only; a bundle of emotions

He writes with flawless creativity and feline agility and weaves complex strands of stories seamlessly. But his stories are not found in the brown pages of voluminous fictional books or on the screens of television sets.

They are told on stage by talented young men and women before expectant and religious crowds at the National Theatre, Accra, and other auditoriums across the country.

The man is James Ebo Whyte, popularly called Uncle Ebo. From the stables of Uncle Ebo’s Roverman Productions came Unhappy Wives, Confused Husbands, Mom is Dad, Dad is Mom, What’s My Name?, Apart N1, Men Run Women Cry, Mr. President Your Move, The Day Dad Came, Caught in the Act, Everyone has a Secret, Trials of a Ghanaian, Don’t Mess With a Woman, The Last Flight, and a host of others.

Since 2008, Uncle Ebo and Roverman Productions have produced awe-inspiring plays every quarter, breaking boundaries and raising new standards with each new production.

Consistent with the tradition, ‘Make Me a Woman Tonight – Adults Only’, the play for the first quarter of 2014 is set to show at the National Theatre on March 1 and 2 and also on 8 and 9.

Described by the man himself as his most emotional play, ‘Make Me a Woman Tonight – Adults Only’ explores the taboo subject of sex and the key role it plays in sustaining marriages.

“We know that our society is quite squeamish when it comes to discussing sex. But we still think that in a committed relationship you can’t run away from it; we assume that because people are married they will understand and they will do it right [but that is not always true]” he stated.

He expressed regret that even though sex is entirely legitimate in marriage, “you find couples struggle with it.”

It would be interesting to see if ‘Make Me a Woman Tonight – Adults Only’ teaches some techniques and styles!

But the play is not just about sex; it explores a second theme: the power of the mind.

“The things you believe, the things you put into your mind can affect you; you can either enable yourself to achieve so much or you can limit yourself from accomplishing anything at all, not because of your circumstances, but because of what is in your mind,” Uncle Ebo stated.

He said ‘Make Me a Woman Tonight – Adults Only’ demonstrates in practical terms the power of the mind and how to adopt a positive mindset and achieve great things.

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