[Advice Needed] I Am Pregnant, Abortion Is A No Go Area But My Fiance Insists I Abort! Please Help!


I am pregnant and I do not know what to do about it. I started dating my fiance about 2 years ago and we agreed that we were not going to have s*x till we get married in church. I come from a strong Christian background where s*x before marriage is a no go area. We have been visiting each other and sometimes I sleep over at his apartment but we do not have s*x. However, something happened last month: I went to visit him on a Friday, with the intention of staying over for the weekend. That evening, we decided to see a movie on a station on DSTV. While watching the movie, we came across a scene where a man and a woman were kissing and romancing intensely. I felt something move through my body, I guess my fiance felt the same too and somehow, we started kissing and caressing each other. The feeling was so much that I could not control my self and the next thing I remembered was that I woke up unclad beside my fiance. He was awake, He woke up before me. He started apologizing and saying he didn’t know what came over him. I packed the few things I brought to his house and left the next morning. Just last week, I noticed my menstrual cycle didn’t come as it ought to. I asked a friend who is a nurse, she asked me some questions which I answered and she concluded I was pregnant. At first, I doubted and I decided to buy a pregnancy kit at the pharmacy. I used the kit, following every instruction and all the test I carried out came out positive…I am pregnant!!! I told my fiance and He said we should abort the baby and go to the Pastor to pray for forgiveness. My parents do not know about this yet and I am not considering telling them as I do not know what they would say or do. Sincerely, I am considering a D&C. I don’t know how I would bear the humiliation of being pregnant before marriage. Please I need your counsel!