Woman In Trouble For Molesting Grandchildren

The Akyem Oda Divisional Police Command has arrested a 55-year old woman for allegedly subjecting her two grandchildren to inhuman treatment.

The suspect, Afise Inusah, a palm oil producer at Akyem Etwereso in the Akyemmansa District in the Eastern Region is said to have fed the two children in her chamber pot and forced them to sleep at night in a hen coop together with the live birds.

Besides, the grandmother allegedly caned the children whenever they went out to eat from the houses of sympathisers after they had been denied food by the woman, resulting in multiple injuries on all parts of their bodies.

Briefing the Daily Graphic at Akyem Oda, the Oda Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent James Sarfo-Peprah, said the children’s biological mother, Fati Issah brought them from Nigeria about eight months ago, entrusted them in the care of her mother, Afise and returned to Nigeria.

He said people in the neighbourhood who were angry about the inhuman treatment the grandmother had meted out to the two children, reported her conduct to the assembly member for Etwereso, Odeshie Kwasi Nyame,who mounted surveillance on the activities of the woman to ascertain the truth of the matter.

According to Chief Supt. Sarfo-Peprah, after the assembly member had caught Afise Inusah red handed, he confronted her on her bad act and lodged a complaint with the Oda Divisional Police Command on her cruelty to the two children last Monday.

He said the police arrested the grandmother last Wednesday, together with her 73-year old husband, Mustapha Yakubu and her 24-year old daughter, Sadia Mustapha, for aiding and abetting.

During interrogation, Afise Inusah is said to have denied the allegations of feeding the two children in her chamber pot and forcing them to sleep in the hen coop at night.

She, however, admitted caning the children with the explanation that she did that to deter them from defecating in her bedroom.

Afise Inusah’s husband, Mustapha Yakubu and the daughter, Sadia Mustapha, in their caution statements to the police, confirmed the continuous assault and feeding the children in a chamber pot by the woman.

They, however, stated that their several warnings to the woman to refrain from the negative act proved futile.

Meanwhile, Afisa has been placed in police custody, pending further investigations, while Mustapha Yakubu and Sadia Mustapha have been granted police bail.

The police have given the two children to Mr. Albert Kwabena Kumi, a 32-year, old farmer at Etwereso, to cater for them until the case is disposed of.