Undersized Net For Lake Fishing Banned

The use of undersize nets, measuring less than 50 millimeters, for fishing in the Bosomtwe Lake has been banned as part of measures to protect and ensure sustainable management of the fish stock.

This followed a stakeholders’ meeting convened by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with support from the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at Kuntanse.

It brought together members of the Bosomtwe and Bosome-Freho District Assemblies, which between them share its resources, chiefs and other community leaders, officials from the Food and Agriculture Ministry and the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO).

The lake situated in an ancient meteorite impact crater with a surface area of about 49 kilometres is being threatened by excessive and bad fishing practices, illegal mining, farming and other environmental issues.

To tackle these, the stakeholders were unanimous in their decision that all activities that endangered aquatic life, contaminated or polluted the water quality, should cease.

The situation where people washed clothes, bathed with soap in the lake, used chemicals, artificial light or flare to fish could not be allowed to continue.

The meeting asked the two assemblies to enact without delay bye-laws to give effect to what had been decided on.

Mr Samuel Anku, Deputy Director of the EPA, said there was the need for the people to take collective responsibility for the protection of the lake and take measure to restore the natural vegetation of the lake basin and preserve the eco-system.