Revealed!!! What to Consider When Dating Your Best Friend

Even though the idea of dating someone who knows a great deal about you can be really appealing, there are certain things to consider when you are dating your best friend.

Many people claim that the secret to their successful relationships lies in the fact that they are dating their best friend. Of course, there is a certain amount of excitement when getting involved with someone new, and dating someone that already knows a lot about you can seem a little awkward at first, but you might find yourself in a deep, meaningful relationship when dating your best friend. On the other hand, you may lose that friend if it turns out that you were not right for each other.

Familiar Can Be Good

One of the advantages of dating your best friend is that he or she is already familiar with your bad side. When you are dating someone new it might be easy to pretend that you don’t have a bad side (at least for the first couple of months), but you will have to put a lot of work into it, and you probably won’t be able to relax properly. On the other hand, your friend is not only totally familiar with your weaknesses, but he or she will also be aware of how to respond to them properly. Also, when dating someone new, you are not aware of their personal history, and you can’t really know what to expect, and if there may be any unpleasant surprises down the road. When it comes to your best friend, you have probably discussed a lot of stuff, including your former relationships, so there should be no surprises in that department.

Should You Go For It?

You are probably aware that it takes some time to feel relaxed around someone you have just met – obviously this is not an issue when dating your best friend. Also, it takes some time to get to know someone new, and even though it may be exciting at first, you may soon find out that you don’t have anything in common. Some people might argue that dating your best friend can’t be as passionate or exciting as dating someone you don’t really know, yet this doesn’t have to be true. It can be very thrilling trying to decode your friend’s mixed signals, and the transition from friendship to a romantic relationship can be even more exciting than dating someone new. Of course, be aware whether your friend is the right choice for you, and whether you are willing to risk your friendship. Dating your best friend doesn’t always work out the way it should, but when it does – it may last for good.