[Advice Needed] I Love Her So Much But She Is In Love With Other Guys… Please Help!

Dear Tee,

I’m in love with a girl who wants friendship only. We met seven months ago, a little while after she broke up with her ex. A month after we met, she sent me a text to say she wanted to try again with her ex and we could talk later about this. We met the following day and I told her I have this romantic feelings for her, but she said she does not feel the same about me. She spent several months with her ex and one night he lied to her about his whereabouts. This made her break up with him. After this, she became a little more affectionate with me every time we met. But just last week, she told me she has met someone else. I told her my feelings had not changed in the past 7 months but she said we should continue to be friends. I later apologized and we continue to meet every week, as this makes her very happy. I’m devastated and I’m struggling to deal with the situation. Please, I need your advise.