Yes Yvonne Is Sexy But She Needs To Cover Up… (Photos)

Yvonne Okoro is one beautiful sexy actress, no doubt, a cliché we can’t stop talking about. But with an actress of her calibre, she needs to try as much as possible to cover up and stop being raunchy.

With African culture and tradition, it must be noted that it’s shocking how women in entertainment industry wears revealing lingerie these days. It gets more disheartening when they pose such semi nude pictures on social media networks, probably for attention.

In a recent photograph we found of Yvonne, she purposely decided to go almost ‘naughty’. She is naturally beautiful, but the big question is, “can’t she still be sexy without going overboard?”

Sexiness comes in different ways, and as a role model, we decided to seek her fans take on this photograph.

It will be recalled that few years ago, this same actress represented Ghana at an awards night with her breast almost falling off the dress.

We feel that being classy isn’t to be overt about it. We have kids (especially young ladies) who see the talented Yvonne Okoro as a role model, thus, there must be some kind of maturity and taking responsibility for whatever our celebrities do.