Which Ghanaian Musician’s Marriage Is In Trouble After Impregnating Another Woman?

Where is Kontihene? We would love for him to sing the chorus of his hit song ‘Aketesea’ which goes like this for us; ‘Suban, ɛtɛ sɛ nyinsɛn, wontumi mfa nsie – Wotwe wo mu tan a, ɛbɛpue’…

If what our flying birds have told us is true, then the question is; how is it even possible for this to happen twice in one person’s short life? déjà vu or an entrenched character?

Rumours hitting Ghanacelebrities.com’s ‘Opened Gossip’ desk has it that, a popular Ghanaian musician’s marriage is in a Huge trouble and will not be shocked if the woman in the marriage walks out, considering the fact that another woman has ‘irremovably’ been planted into the marriage…

From what we’ve been told, this musician who recently held a gig in Ghana has allegedly impregnated another woman and the current wife is extensively Furious —in fact, she is just hanging in there.

With all sort of highly-respected people pleading for the wife to take heart and not create unnecessary scene for the second time for this musician, the wife has been hushed about things but for how long can she endure the pain?

Are we going to see another holy matrimony being grossly tainted and thrown into the gutters?

Whoever is hiding in a hole will eventually be smoked out, no matter how well the hole is covered—and if you doubt that, ask the bush RAT!