“Government is committed to rural development”-Ms Koomson

Ms Ophelia Koomson, Birim Central Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), says the Government was committed to developing all rural communities.

“The Government will continue to provide rural communities with necessary social amenities such as modern places of convenience, potable drinking water, motorable roads, electricity and good classroom blocks to ensure that the people live in dignity,” she said.

Ms Koomson was inaugurating five of two 10-seater vault chamber toilet facility at separate functions for Atiankama Nkwanta, Asantema and Asuboa South.

Two each of the facilities were sited at Asantema and Asuboa South whereas one was sited at Atiankama Nkwanta.

Ms Koomson implored the people to take active part in communal labour or self-help projects in their areas to help reduce the cost of financing those projects.

She explained that in doing so, the Government would be in a position to save more money to provide social amenities to other communities.

The MCE challenged rural communities to initiate more self-help projects on their own for the Government to come to their aid “since with the increase in population and strain on the national budget, it would be difficult for the Government to satisfy communities with all their needs.”

She stressed the need for the people to live in peace at all times and shun chieftaincy disputes and all acts that stifled development.

Ms Koomson re-echoed the need for parents to invest heavily in their children’s education saying; “cocoa farms could get burnt but giving quality education to your child is an everlasting investment.”

Mr Daniel Adjei Danjimah, Presiding Member of the Birim Central Municipal Assembly, challenged the communities to pay their levies promptly to enable the assembly to generate revenue to provide them more social amenities.

Mr Alex Tetteh, Municipal Engineer, advised the people to take good care of the facilities.

Representatives of the communities expressed their gratitude to the MCE and the assembly for the facilities provided.

They, however, appealed for extension of electricity to newly developed areas in their respective communities.