VIDEO: Man With Tail Being Worshipped As A God

A man who has grown a weird tail, is being worshipped as a god, video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The 35-year-old of Alipurduar, India, is surrounded by worshippers every day, as the 14 inch tail growing out of his back makes them think that he is a living god.

Chandre Oraon has had his tail from birth and some Hindus believe that this is a sign of the monkey god known as Hanuman.

Oraon picks tea leaves and is forced to climb trees like a monkey.

Devotees from all over the country travel to his home in the hope of touching his tail and get blessings.

As a child, Oraon was mocked, but now, he is famous.

However, his wife said that she does not like his tail. “He does not look good,” his wife said. “My parents died, and I had no choice but to marry him,” she added.