Reckless Leadership Ruining Ghana – Prof Adei

Professor Stephen Adei, a former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), has called for a change in leadership behaviour, and the adoption of a national approach to governance, to facilitate faster economic transformation.

He said reckless leadership behaviour of ruling regimes, has largely heightened corruption and weakened the value of the cedi as against the major foreign currencies, inflicting hardships on the people

Professor Adei made these remarks on Thursday during the opening of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors’ 9th Week and 45th Annual General Meeting, anchored on the theme: “Good Governance For Effective Development.”

He observed that until the leadership crisis was resolved, war against corruption would remain a fruitless venture while implementation of reports of Public Accounts Committee and Auditor-General would continue to be a mirage.

He said change in behaviour of people in positions of trust was fundamental to good governance, and in pursuance of good economic policies to transform the lives of the people.

Professor Adei added that institutions and systems did not need change, but change in behaviours of leaders’ commitment towards national growth.

He wondered how leaders drove in “V8 vehicles” to communities lacking potable water, electricity, motorable roads and food, yet claimed that “money is not there,” to address such challenges.

He advised politicians to stop apportioning blame as to who committed what magnitude of mess, and rather focus on fixing real fundamental problems facing the economy, adding, “we want better governance and not relative corruption.”