NPP Leadership To “Expel” Nyaho-Tamakloe If… – NPP Guru

A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Council, Eugene Boakye Antwi, has urged party members to treat with contempt any comment by founder member, Dr. Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe, indicating that the party’s leadership will not hesitate to expel him if his comments continue to injure the party.

He said Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe has compromised his integrity and betrayed the principles that make him a true NPP member.

Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe has come under a barrage of attacks for suggesting that the composition of the party’s vetting committee was not a fair representation of the various ethnic groupings within the party.

He argued that, the huge Akan representation on the vetting committee reinforces the perception that the NPP is an Akan party.

But Eugene Boakye Antwi on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Friday vehemently disagreed with Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe.

According to him, for a party which has its stronghold in Akan dominated areas, it is only logical that majority of its party members will be Akans.

Eugene Boakye Antwi intimated that, the recent utterances by Nyaho-Tamakloe proves he has sold his ‘conscience’.

He said if Nyaho-Tamakloe was not being mischievous, he would have known that the Chairman of the party’s vetting committee, Mr. CK Tedem is a Northerner.

“Nyaho-Tamakloe is a sell-out; he should continue to stay where he is and do the propaganda because whatever he says will be treated with the contempt it deserves,” he added.

Eugene Boakye Antwi indicated that everyone in the NPP irrespective of their ethnic background is treated equally, therefore,“if he [Nyaho-Tamakloe] has [an] inferiority complex; he should deal with it”.

Eugene Antwi said leadership will not hesitate to “expel” Nyaho-Tamakloe from the NPP if he continues to bring the name of the party into disrupt.

“We are protecting this political vehicle [NPP] jealously and zealously and will deal with anyone who will seek to run it down. People have sacrificed a lot for this party so Nyaho Tamakloe cannot hold the NPP to ransom” he stressed.