The eloquent host of the PUNDIT TV show on GHONE TV, George Quaye made it crystal clear when his opinion was sort after by the host of the RHYTHMS XYZ weekend entertainment programme on JOY FM on the 22nd of February, 2014.

When the RHYTHMS XYZ host called Mr. Quaye on the phone to extract his views on why majority of Ghanaians dont patronize indigenous Comedians, he said that the Ghanaian Comedians are arrogant, unfriendly, unprofessional, scrap and not funny.

The Chatterhouse staff member said that he will continue to argue his views before his employers why they should never feature Ghanaian Comedians until they learn their acts properly and professionally. He further pointed that Ghanaian Comedians do not invest in what they have chosen to do as a career.

Mr. Quaye…a.k.a Aboagye, also mentioned that the Nigerian Comedians will continue to be their favorites at all events they organize in Ghana as they sell out the show tickets and also because patrons and sponsors prefer them a lot. He stated that Ghanaian Comedians are not hungry to succeed and cited a typical example of one of Ghana’s successful Comedians called Funny Face who have repeatedly mentioned in most interviews he had that “hunger caused him to find talent and motivation to succeed in life” as real guy has stayed committed to succeed in what he does as a Comedian.

To buttress his views further, the PUNDIT TV programme host, recalled that a visit to one of Nigeria’s celeb Comedians office in Lagos, revealed that Comedians in that country take their profession seriously as he witnessed about twenty production staff members in his office researching for materials for Gordons to use in his subsequent presentations and or productions. “you could see some staff there reading newspapers, others watching TV, others surfing the internet and many more”, Mr. George Quaye said.

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