Economic Policies Must Reflects People’s Condition

Reverend Immanuel Agbozo, leader of Ghana Evangelical Society has reiterated the need for government to institute economic policies that must reflect the living conditions and well-being of the citizenry.

“Economic policy is meant to serve the social purpose, be realistic to give hope to people and have a meaningful impact on the lives of the all and sundry”, he added.

He said this at the third day of a five-day national redemption crusade in Accra to redeem the country from its current economic crises under the theme “They Shall Know the Truth”.

Rev Agbozo said there was no direction in the government’s policy that the nation could rely on for development but the reliance on foreign donors to balance its budget.

He stressed that since independence the country had not found a leadership that totally submit to the will of God and that the country was in a state of dilemma as to whether to serve God or fetish.

“God is the source of all power and his might surpasses all other deities on earth, the reality of life is Jesus Christ because he died on the cross of Calvary for the sins of mankind”.

Rev Agbozo said righteousness is about knowing God and obeying the will of God and that Ghana was bound to obey the will of God for the country to be prosperous.

He noted that it behooves on the leadership of the country to submit totally to the will of God to open doors of success in all endeavors because the word of God says “Jesus has come to open doors for us and set captives free”.

Rev Agbozo urged all to continue to thank God for the mercies bestowed on the country and the gift of life and pray for direction for the country to come out of the economic crisis.