UG Backtracks…’We Have Not As Yet Decided To Sue Gbevlo Lartey

The University of Ghana has discounted reports they intend to sue the National Security Coordinator Col. (rtd) Larry Gbevlo Lartey.

Media reports, premised on a statement issued by the Academic Board of the University of Ghana, the second highest decision making body of the university, had suggested the University had decided to sue the National Security boss and his outfit for demolishing a toll booth at the University.

Speaking in an interview on ‘Kokrokoo’, Stella Amoah, Director of Public Affairs of the University said management of the university have not yet ‘taken any decision’ to haul the security capo to court.

She indicated that it was just a directive the Academic board issued but it is up to management to decide on whether or not to follow that directive.

“…there was a special academic board meeting held on 19th February 2014 and what they did was to issue a 10 point statement…which included directing university management to take legal action against National security coordinator and his team. There were so many points and actions that they came up with. It condemned the act and the fact that no prior notification was given to the university management and so it directed university management to take legal action. It did not say it is taking legal action. I know it’s making the round that the university or the academic board is taking legal action; that is not correct,” Stella Amoah clarified.

She reiterated that management of the university will have to go through other processes to decide on whether or not to follow the directive from the academic board; ‘as at now that decision has not been made’.