‘Komla Goes Home’

January 18, 2014 will forever be remembered by Ghanaians, especially journalists, as the day on which we lost a distinguished broadcaster, who was the The Boss Player in his chosen field.

Komla Afeke Dumor had a journey of a well-lived life and he soared to the pinnacle of his career. With humility, he projected Ghana in every nook and cranny of the globe.

Komla interviewed the movers and shakers of the world, from several business tycoons to the destitute in society. He has doors opened to him to enter many places where affluence could not reach but nobility and intellect. Besides, he mentored a dozen of promising youth in his chosen field.

Ghana and Africa at this moment grief the loss of the only ambassador, who told the Africa story, from an African perspective, Komla Dumor, the host of BBC Focus on Africa.

He branded the face of Africa to give it the impetus that has over the years denied our rich continent the pride of place in the comity of nations.

Those of us who watched him from afar got the inspiration that with hard work and the pursuit of excellence, we could excel anywhere we choose to live and work.

His passion and zeal towards making Ghana and Africa a better place was evident when he picked up a job with BBC news and further pushed for the Focus on Africa programme to be given a television slot.

Having dropped out of the much-revered profession, medicine, to pursue journalism, Komla did not crash down but wriggled his way out of despair to become a global icon.

If he had been a medical doctor, probably he would have been in an obscure corner, shelved in his own world without a trace of him in global history.

Today, Komla is no longer with us. Death has laid its icy hands on him. However, the candle he lit continues to burn inextinguishably. This candle will continue to burn for posterity.

I will really miss that powerful voice that would echo in the ears and got you tuned to watch and listen to news brewed from an African pot.

Komla was truly a shining star of Africa, a beacon of Africas warmth and sunshine. At only 41, he was a world-class journalist, a brilliant ambassador of Africa and one of the trailblazers set to play a role in driving a prosperous Africa.

He was established as the emerging African face of global broadcasting, and was the chosen face of BBC for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Komla has really left a vacuum that needs to be filled by the BBC before the World Cup.

The best tribute we can all give to Komla is to continue in the same way he committed himself to the effort to help humanity and contribute to national development.

Who will fit in the shoes of Komla Dumor? Who will continue to tell the African story from the African perspective? A great tree has really fallen.

My heartfelt condolences go to Kwansema and the children. Komla, you came to make the world a better place. Your indelible legacy will forever live in our hearts.

Let us all recognise that we are all visitors in this world and will surely meet our Maker one day.

The question we must all ask is when will you be called by your Maker? The answer is, no one knows. Let us try to lead a life devoid of bitterness and acrimony.

For me, as a young person, Komla’s death has really humbled me the more and one significant lesson I have learnt from his death is that we must all strive to make an impact in our various fields of endeavour.

Komla, Yaawo Ojogban! Xedenyuie!! Damrifa Due!! Rest in Peace!!!

The writer is the Communications Manager of Zoomlion Ghana Limited.