Josiah Aryeh Has Committed Political Treason

The Municipal Chief Executive for Ejisu Juaben, Yamoah Ponko has reiterated his call on the Security services in the country to arrest the National Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Dr. Josiah Aryeh.

Following claims by the NDP National Chairman, who once served as General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), that the Mahama government is “leaderless” and has appointed “thieves” to manage the economy; Yamoah Ponko made a strong call on the Security services to swiftly pick him (Dr. Josiah Aryeh) up over such disparaging remarks.

Speaking on Oman FM, the Ejisu Juaben Municipal Chief Executive explained his call on the Police Service and the National Security to get involved in the war of words between the NDP Chairman and the incumbent NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia.

General Mosquito, as the NDC Gen Sec is popularly referred to, accused Dr. Josiah Aryeh of stealing two cars belonging to the party after handing over as General Secretary of the party.

The accusation follows on the heels of claims by Dr. Josiah Aryeh that President John Dramani Mahama is inefficient.

“I compare certain people [in government]…to a gang of thieves; they go stealing in the night” and “keep the booty to themselves,” Dr. Aryeh told supporters at the party’s regional delegate’s congress held in Kumasi, Saturday.

“…how come that when given the freedom of choice to, out of our own volition, we have been such a way that we end up in a situation and the condition of real (sic) leaderlessness; yes indeed we are leaderless”.

“We are without a manager [president]…Even law professors are scratching their heads as to how this can come about because, we believe that the Ghanaian deserves the best and we can do better than we are experiencing right now” a charged Dr. Aryeh stated.

General Mosquito stressed that “as General Secretary for a big party like the NDC, Dr. Aryeh sold his God given conscience for just $3000.”

Just when the battle between the two leaders appeared to be heading to a court of law, Yamoah Ponko jumped into the fray accusing Dr. Josiah Aryeh of committing a treasonable offence.

According to him, Dr. Aryeh’s utterances indicate the country has no legitimate President.

“It’s a treasonable offence. In understanding, you are even worse than a person who wields a gun to subvert government. You’re refusing to recognize the fact that we have a legitimate President…He must be arrested because his utterances are treasonable…”