Gov’t Will Diversify Power Sector For Long Term Gain – Jinapor

Deputy Minister of Energy and Petroleum John Jinapor has stated that government is pursuing different measures with the aim of diversifying the country’s energy mix by adding other sources of electricity such as wind, and solar to ease the pressure on hydro and thermal plants.

Speaking on Accra based in Citi fm Hon Jinapor said government is seeking to deal with problems in the power sector in the short, medium and long terms to ensure sustainability and also curb recurrence of old challenges.

He noted, that there was the need for government to look for alternate ways in order not to avert another power if any of the indigenous generating plants break down, explaining that, “our power generation used to be fully dependent on the Akosombo dam, now the dam cannot satisfy us because demand is growing astronomically so in the long term government is looking at diversifying the energy mix and ensure that if there is a problem with hydro, we can rely on thermal and other renewable energy sources.

Hon Jinapor was however quick to debunk assertion that the situation will impact negatively on government’s set target of adding 5000MW of installed capacity to the national grid by 2016, explaining that they are on track to achieving the target.

“Looking at all the generation coming on board, I’m certain we will achieve the 5000MW target, but beyond having installed capacity, government will ensure that it is dependable and available to Ghanaians”. He further stated.