Choosing Air-Purifying Plants: A Room-By-Room Guide

If you are looking for air-purifying plants to help keep your home naturally clean, you should know that some do better than others in various rooms of the house.
For the Bedroom: Jewel of India
This large-leaved variety tolerates low natural light and prefers higher temperatures, which makes it an ideal choice for a dimly lit finished attic or a warm bedroom.

For the Living Room: Janet Craig
Preferring indirect sunlight, this lush plant is easy to maintain, and it offers a splash of color. Let soil dry out completely between waterings, and fertilize only once a year.

For the Den: ZZ Plant
Even if you neglect it, there’s a good chance this drought-tolerant, disease-resistant succulent will do just fine. In addition, the ZZ plant thrives in low-light rooms. But keep the plant away from pets and small children: Its parts can be poisonous.

For the Kitchen: Golden Pothos
With heart-shaped leaves that filter formaldehyde, this fast-growing vine purifies any area that is frequently exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals. It’s also great for the garage, as it removes toxic exhaust from the air.