University Of Ghana To Sue Gbevlo Lartey Over Toll Booth Demolition

The Academic Board of the University of Ghana has directed management of the University to take legal action against the National Security Coordinator and his team.

The University Board took the decision after a meeting on Wednesday.

Personnel from National Security demolished toll booths at the University with approval of the National Security Coordinator, Larry Gbevlo-Lartey.

Director of Public Affairs of the University, Stella Amoah in an interview with campus based Radio Universe said “the University management will also follow with the processes that it has to do to take this…if it means passing this through council it will do it, if it means it can do so on its own without recourse to council it will also do it.’’

According to Madam Amoah there are rules and regulations guiding every procedure and action in the country and the University.

She quoted the University Act as saying; “A person who is not a member of the University shall not enter the premises of the University or have access to the facilities or privileges of the University without the permission of the University…’’

Mrs. Amoah said the perpetrators entered the University property without permission, contrary to the University of Ghana Act 2010, Act 806.

She described the act as illegal. “If you want to do anything or you want to enter the University and in this case forcefully and also demolishing a structure or structures under construction you don’t just tell the Head of Security with a call card, you need permission…’’

The University is also asking government to replace the toll booth and the security post and also condemn what it described as barbaric act perpetrated by its appointed officials.

The National Security team demolished the toll booth around the Okponglo entrance of the University of Ghana at dawn on Tuesday.

The national security personnel were said to have been accompanied by armed policemen “and with their bulldozers, they pulled it down…I was told it took them about 5 to 10 minutes and they were gone.” the head of the University Security told the Citi Breakfast Show.

The introduction of the tolls by the University has become a subject of controversy with many questioning its legality.

However the university’s management say they charge the tolls to enable them repay a loan it took for the refurbishment of its roads.