PRINPAG Holds Seminar For Print Media Owners

The Private Newspaper Association of Ghana (PRINPAG) on Wednesday held a seminar to educate print media owners on the need to repackage their content in news delivery to bring about change in the current digital age.

Mrs Gina Blay, President PRINPAG said, the seminar was to encourage newspaper owners to see their means of disseminating information as a field of business, thereby working hard through the use of internet to sustain, maintain get bigger and better for the benefit of all.

Mrs Blay said the theme for the seminar: Challenges of the Internet Revolution in Ghana: Developing New Business Modules for Ghana’s Private Newspaper in the Digital Age calls for a change in the print media to enable it work globally.

Mr Xola Senaya, Ag. Director, Ministry of Information and Media Relation reading a speech on behalf of the Minister said the seminar was timely since it would deepen intensive communication, allow firms and governments to formulate solid strategy and capability in the global competition.

Mr Senaya said the internet offering unprecedented opportunities for promoting economic growth by fostering competition and knowledge.

He said these benefits had initiated steps to proactively develop the ICT industry so as to achieve astounding economic development.

He entreated all print press, private sector associations and industries to take enormous steps to train and improve their workforce so as to become abreast with the changing technological trends.

He said in order for the country and the print media at large to grasp the numerous advantages of the internet and ICT as a whole, there was the need to invest in making sure that children and young ones take ICT education seriously.

Mrs Edith Dankwa, Chief Executive Officer of Business and Financial Times, speaking at the seminar on how to write a professional business plan urged newspaper owners to sit up and plan well their operations.

Mrs Dankwa said the timely and proper business plan of every organisation enhanced its success and advised that this should be the target of any print press owner who was aspiring for great things.

Mr Vita Sung Park, a Fulbright Scholar, discussing the innovation in newspaper content and layout: repackaging and re-branding of private newspapers to face challenges of digital age, entreated newspaper owners to from time to time change the face of their papers.

Mr Vita said newspapers should use innovative ways by using the internet and social media platform to enable them tot have wider readership as well as spread its tentacles globally.

He urged that the act of changing from print to the digital age was the need to change from how journalists work in the newsroom.