Partisan Political Interest Blamed For Challenges Facing National Economy

Partisan political interest has been identified as the bane of the national economy.

Partisan interest has dominated every facet of national discourse and interest, resulting in people looking at issues and arguing along party lines instead of frankly discussing the issues in a bid to find solutions to the problems facing the nation.

The General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong expressed this concern on Radio Ghana’s Current Affairs Programme, FOCUS, which discussed the need for Non Partisan Dialogue in Developing the Economy.

He noted the problems of the country cannot be solved by apportioning blame.

He called for consensus building and objectivity in the country’s national discourse else the trend will strengthen political parties rather than build the nation.

A Researcher at the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development, CDD, Edward Ampratwum also stated that the winner takes all syndrome in our governance system is a contributory factor to the increasing polarisation of the country.

He advocated that national institutions be independent to spearhead development.

A Financial Consultant, Isaac Adongo, stated that though the country is faced with numerous problems, the economy cannot be said to be stagnant.

He called for a long term national policy to be instituted, so that no matter the party that comes to power, the policy will be followed to the letter in order to spearhead development.