I’ll Meet Them In Court – Says Gbevlo Lartey

The National Security Coordinator, Colonel Larry Gbevlo Lartey has called the bluff of the University of Ghana asking it to go ahead and sue him and his outfit.

The Academic Board of the University of Ghana Thursday decided to sue the National Security Coordinator and his outfit for demolishing a toll booth at the University early this week.

The development which has been criticized by many necessitated a meeting by the university’s academic board, the second highest decision making body of the university.

The board after its meeting directed its management to get its lawyers to sue the national security coordinator and his outfit for the unlawful demolition of the toll booth.

The university earlier said it was disappointed by the development.

A 10-point statement was issued by the board in which the national security was condemned for its action.

But the National Security Coordinator, Gbevlo Lartey in an interview with XYZ News, said he is unperturbed by the university’s decision and is ready to meet them in court.

“If they want to take me to court; that is a simple matter they should take me to court, we will meet there” Col. Gbevlo Lartey said.

The National Security Coordinator added that “I am not perturbed at all, not in the least, we have done something that we think is right, if they think that we have done something wrong and they are going to court that is what the rule of law is about”.