If One Speaks Against Excessive Borrowing And Signing Of Wrong Contracts, Such A Person Is “Unwise”?

A member of the communication team of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described as dangerous the attempt by President Mahama to silence politicians because they do not praise-sing him.

According to him, the president will surely sink if all he expects is to be pampered.

President Mahama, on his Facebook wall on February 10, 2014 wrote to thank and salute “wise Ghanaian politicians” with the right attitude supporting his government in the current economic crisis without being pessimistic.

I thank and salute the wise Ghanaian politicians who understand that the right attitude in such times is to assist the government and stop predicting disasters. Because, in a democratic country such as ours, the government is the people’s government. It is your government. And it does everything necessary to lead our country and to attain the development goals it has announced. A nation has to be united when facing any kind of political or economic challenges,” he opined on his Facebook wall.

Responding to the president’s comment, Isaac Acheampong averred on Okay Fm that the President has demonstrated through his remarks that he (Mahama) has not made up his mind to end the sufferings of Ghanaians by branding his critics as “unwise” with “wrong attitude”.

“…this is more dangerous that when you speak against the bad happenings and proffer solutions, you are rather considered foolish by President Mahama. He said wise politicians are the ones supporting him; this means that if you are a politician and you speak about the challenges bedeviling the country then you are not wise. So those who have kept quiet about the bad governance and poor economic management are the wise politicians? If you say people are suffering and so the government must come up with pragmatic measures to curtail the situation, then you are an unwise politician?”

“…how can President Mahama consider politicians calling for the halt in the excessive borrowing, signing of wrong contracts with individuals and government’s refusal to collect debts own the state as ‘unwise politicians’?” he sought to know.