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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

I am afraid of death – Pete Edochie


Veteran Nollywood star, Pete Edochie who is popularly known for his ‘no-nonsense, strict father’ roles he plays in movies has been off the scene for a while.

In a recent interview, Pete who brings the character we love to hate on our screens revealed why he is afraid of death.

“I smoked for 21 years before I quit, and each time I got tensed up, I looked for a cigarette, and psychologically I was puffing away the anger; but there is no other thing it does for you physically but to destroy your lungs”.

Is he afraid of death and does he think about it?
Yes, I think about death. Why shouldn’t I? I think about death not because it is inevitable but because I would like to be prepared to meet my Maker when the time comes. That’s why I am afraid of death. 

“ There is nobody alive who likes dying. Even if a man is 100 years, loses his sight, becomes a vegetable and inconveniences others, he still wouldn’t like to go. So, yes, as a normal human being, I think of death. Merely thinking of death encourages me to avoid excesses”.

why did he give up smoking?
“ As a young man, I drank a lot. I could drink any bottle under the table. It was because of peer pressure. We enjoyed ourselves ‘alcoholically’. We were not given to subduing the womenfolk as a mark of accomplishment; we always got together to drink and smoke cigarettes. 

“ As we got older, I felt there was a need to cut down on all the excesses. I gave up smoking though I smoked for 21 years. I gave it up when I discovered it wasn’t serving any purpose”.

how does he now ward off anger after giving up smoking 21 years ago to manage his anger?

“ I don’t get angry easily anymore; I used my Fabian philosophy to stop that”.

Is he a fulfilled man?
“Yes. What else am I going to ask from God? I have a brilliant wife and brilliant children. So, yes, I am fulfilled”. 

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