False Gay Scandal Against Kobi Rana Bacfires

Some media outlets who do not even deserve to be mentioned circulated a very unattractive & fact less rumor on social mediums yesterday(18.02.2014), stating the last man standing of Rana fame, Kobi Rana happened to Rape a certain Rap Fada, an underground music act in Kumasi and with that being said; the News re-claimed, he is Gay!

First of all, Kobi Rana is actually not a stranger to the word GAY and its rumors.

The Story in Details:
I was on set filming a presentation for my next TV episode and a call came in from one of my aides, asking if I have seen the childish news about Kobi Rana, and it was published by some unvalued blog? My answer was NO, because I was shooting at that moment. After getting off set, I went online and there was the news… I took time reading the trending news word by word, attached with a very very poor quality audio evidence, and am still wondering how and what they used in recording that.

TheMonteOz laughed and quavered his silly head, for I know the real True story.

10th March 2014, some guy named Rap Fada inboxed Kobi Rana and begged him for 50Ghc to enable him visit Accra since he is a Kumasi boy… Smart enough, the beggar requested where the money should be sent – MOBILE MONEY.

(Click to See the Evidence Here or Check the Snapshot Below).

For Kobi Rana not replying back on time, the Rap Fada dude lost his cool and his temper went out!

According to a very staunch and unswerving source, Rap Fada threatened to decay the last man standing’s reputation if he doesn’t get the Money he’s requesting for – 50Ghc.

I personally blame Kobi for engaging himself in online conversations with skunks like this. He’s too free and tolerates any product that comes his way telling him they like what he does and all.

Yes! It’s Obvious, everybody wish to be a friend of a dominant figure but not every smile that hits you on the street is for real, there are hyenas among them.

Rap Fada, because of 50Ghc called a media outlet that doesn’t deserve to be mentioned, lied drastically and gave out a nice ear sweetened CAT FISH story to enable the world label Kobi Rana as a Rapist and I mean Gay Rapist.

The Funny and the Untrue (BIG LIE) Part of the Story

In Rap Fada’s complaint, he denied asking; let me simply put begging Kobi for a 50Ghc for transport to Accra. He claimed sleeping with Kobi and a friend in one room after the Rana honcho’s Kelewele & Palmwine gig in Kumasi.

“My friend was making a free night call and he mistakenly fell asleep. Kobi then started using his hands and tongue all over me to the extent of holding my manhood in my boxer shorts. I immediately woke and questioned why Kobi was doing that to me. I warned him to stop and Bla Bla Bla Bla” …. Rap Fada Reported.

Now let’s take it back for a second; the Kumasi underground musician mentioned Kobi tried sleeping with him after his Kelewele party in Kumasi right? Well, I understand the party happened at Aphrodisiac night club in Kumasi on the 2nd February, so if it was really factual Kobi tried Gay raping Rap Fada, why didn’t he come out of the closet to let the mass know at that point, but waited until after Kobi decided to close ears to the 50Ghc request which ensue on 10th February via Facebook?

So it is very much clear right now, that Rap Fada is just a 50Ghc Scam artiste whose mission is to dirty the Boys Kasa hit maker’s name by tracking him with the past rumors.

We understand Kobi had himself engulfed in some alleged Gay scandal over the years, and from my personally PR point of view, the underground Skunk (Rap Fada) has tapped on this old Gay Scandal buzz to get a strong stand for media Hypes out there.

And If Kobi Rana will really rape somebody for real, then I guess it will be the fat ass Actress Roselyn Ngissah or one Tina Tettey… The only reason why am saying this is based on the fact that; Kobi have sex more than he breathe a week.

I 100% understand every paper must sell plus every blog is hungry for the traffic…

But the real Truth is; There wasn’t a Gay Rape Scandal between the Actor, Producer & Musician Kobi Rana & a Rap Fada… Nothing Happened! – It’s Just a Fake Report that produced the Fake News and the CAT FISH story, all because of 50Ghc.

Again, Kobi Rana is no stranger at GAY rumors at all… And even if he is (GAY), so what? – Look on the bright side.

This is a ‘Monte Oz’ Story – @MonteOzAfrica on Twitter

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