EOCO To Enforce Bank Of Ghana’s Monetary Policy Regulations

A Task Force from the Economic and organised Crime Office, EOCO, will from Monday 24th February undertake inspections of hotels, forex bureaus and shops to ensure compliance with Bank of Ghana’s ban on pricing of goods and services in foreign currencies.

In a statement, EOCO urged the public to demand identification documents from members of the task force when it comes around and communicate any doubts to phone numbers 0302663501 or 0243312610. Edward Cudjoe is the Head of Legal Department at EOCO.

Mr. Cudjoe also said another task-force made up of officers from EOCO and the Ghana Revenue Authority tasked to investigate, arrest and prosecute all companies and persons who have failed or refused to fulfil their tax obligations.

The initial phase of the exercise will cover rent tax, pay as you earn, with holding tax, non registration, or failure to collect VAT, failure to file VAT returns with Ghana Revenue authority and non-filing of annual returns with Ghana Revenue Authority.

This exercise will begin on Monday, the 3rd of next month.