Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah Faces Sack As Association Presidents Prepare For A Vote of No Confidence

Exclusive reports have emanated that a motion of no confidence will be tabled against the Minister of Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah later today by presidents of the over 30 sports disciplines whose associations feel neglected by the minister.

The motion is expected to be filed at a crisis meeting to be held at the Accra Sports Stadium at 2pm.

According to a report by Citi Sports, the 31 disciplines that make up the governing National Sports Authority have summoned Mr. Afriyie-Ankrah to today’s meeting with the aim of getting answers to certain pertinent usses in regards to his line of duty.

The various sporting Associations, the reports claim would not to get answers to what they say is the minister’s constant focus on football in general and the Black Stars in particular to the detriment of all other sporting disciplines.

The associations also claim the minister has failed to attend to, and honour any the very promises he made upon assumption of office.

Several heads of the various sporting disciplines have confirmed that should Mr Afriyie-Ankrah be unable to provide satisfactory answers, a petition to force him out of his position will be a likely outcome of the meeting.