Chemicals Leaching Into Food From Packaging Not Factual – FDA

The Food and Drugs Authority says there’s no need for Ghanaian consumers to panic over a UK report that claims synthetic chemicals which are used in processing, packaging and storing food could be doing long-term damage to consumers’ health.

Environmental scientists in the UK raised the concern in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

They say tiny amounts of synthetic chemicals leak into the food.

They fear the long-term effect of continuous consumption of food packaged with synthetic materials could be disastrous.

But the Food and Drugs Authority has downplayed the concerns of the scientists.

A senior manager at the FDA Kofi Essel told XYZ News, that the scientists don’t have a strong basis for their conclusion.

“If you don’t have the facts, you don’t create panic, it could only be an assumption” Mr. Essel said.