Ayariga Goes Mad!: Apasera Is A Liar, Nima Police Never Arrested Me



The 2012 Presidential Candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hassan Ayariga, has denied media reports that he was last Wednesday hauled to the Nima Police Station for allegedly threatening David Apasera, the national treasurer of the party.

Mr Ayariga explained that, he was called to report to the police station last three weeks for questioning but he was never arrested.

According to him, he spent less than thirty minutes at the police station explaining issue to them.

Ayariga indicated that he did not threaten Apasera and explained that he will meet him “bumper to bumper”.

“If he goes to the radio station and lie about me, I’ll meet him there but I won’t speak because I have a spokesperson but this time around I will speak”.

Hassan Ayariga said he is in Kumasi on a Thank you tour to show gratitude to the delegates and its teaming members of party for the various roles they played in the 2012 election campaign.

Speaking on an Accra based radio station, Okay fm, Ayariga stated that he gave Apasera a car to campaign in the 2012 elections but he (Apasera) stole the car and never returned it.

“I campaigned for Apasera to be the treasurer of the party. Apasera did not visit any of the regions to campaign, I campaigned for him”, Ayariga asserted.

Some members of the PNC have launched a scathing attack on Mr Hassan Ayariga for stealing money meant for the party’s campaign in the 2012 elections and have called for an independent enquiry to investigate and audit the account of the flagbearer.

The PNC treasurer was demanding an mount of GH¢1.3 million being party campaign funds, to be accounted for by the former flagbearer.

Media report indicated that Mr. Ayariga was arrested and discharged on bail the same day after he was made to write a statement but the conditions of his bail were not immediately known.

Ayariga described the reportage as false.
Adams Akane, former special aide to Hassan Ayariga, had raised issues about a similar disappearance of party funds which he blamed on the 2012 party’s flagbearer.

Mr Akane’s estimation, however, was a whopping GH¢1.6 million.

According to Mr. Apasera he had to drag Mr Ayariga to the Nima Police Station because his persistent inquiry into the disappearance of the party funds was met with threats on telephone and through text messages from the PNC flagbearer, who the party said had refused to account for the campaign cash.

He said on one occasion, Mr. Ayariga called him and threatened to match him ‘boot-for-boot’ and deal ‘with him’.

A text message allegedly sent by Mr. Ayariga to Akane and forwarded to Apasera read, “This is not the time to sort out any of you people, I will deal with all of you!”

Mr. Apasera continued, “When I got this other text message, I said this is not a person to joke with because he is quite a dangerous person…so I said ‘let me go and tell the Police. So I told the police. I came to the Nima Police Station to report it, so last week they invited us and we met there.”

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