Okudzeto Slams Paul Afoko

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has slammed one of its aspiring national chairmen Paul Afoko for allegedly breaking rules governing the party’s vetting process.

The party’s Director of Communications, Perry Okudzeto claimed comments made by Mr. Afoko shortly after his vetting were unacceptable and indiscreet.

Mr. Afoko’s candidature still hangs in the balance as the vetting committee has began investigation into a petition brought against him.

He was one of 44 candidates vetted by the party last week.

The aspiring chairman expressed his disappointment with the vetting committee, accusing members of the committee of springing a surprise on him at the vetting.

His supporters have been vehement about their criticisms, with some threatening members of the vetting committee.

The Director of Communications of the NPP, Perry Okudzeto said the comments by Afoko and his supporters were unacceptable.

“The issues that he has raised in the public domain about a prison sentence in Ghana are not the issues that were put to him at the vetting,” Mr. Okudzeto stated.

“Let us all and those who seek to lead our party conduct themselves in a way that continues to breed that unity and cohesion in our party.”

“The ranting in the media and the disclosing of confidential information at a vetting is against the rules,” Mr. Okudzeto stressed.

But the supporters of Afoko remained adamant.

At a press conference in the Upper East Region on Monday, some supporters of the aspiring chairman accused the committee of being unfair and biased against their candidate.

They claim the committee members are employing some tactics to deny their “innocent aspirant” his right to contest.

Paul Afoko is one of four aspirants including Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, Fred Oware and Stephen Ntim- vying for the NPP’s chairmanship come the national delegates conference scheduled for April 12.