Nana Konadu Rawlings Should Prepare To Have A Taste Of My Venom

Is politicking synonymous to playing a dirty game? What would be your first reaction if you heard a politician vowing revenge on his or her opponent by spitting venom?

Whatever your answer might be, Yamoah Ponko has sworn to teach former First lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings a bitter political lesson.

His determination to spew venom on Mrs Rawlings is borne out of National Chairman of National Democratic Party (NDP), Dr. Josiah Aryeh’s recent attack on the presidency which he believes was fuelled by the former First Lady.

According to him although he admires the former First Lady and is all for her pursuing her presidential ambition, it was out of place for Mrs Rawlings to have pushed her team to attack President Mahama like a “useless object”.

“Other world leaders draw their inspiration from President Mahama. Whenever he is out there to attend conferences, just look at his demeanor. Other world leaders try to stay close to him in order to pick a few things from him and you have people like Dr. Aryeh run him over like he is a nonentity”.

“I want to tell Nana Konadu that if this is the way she want to go about politics, then she should prepare for my virulence. Some of us are poisonous and we would teach her a political lesson,” he vowed on Okay FM.