GT Bank Makes Third Party Online Transfers Possible

The Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited has made it possible for its customers to transfer money online to their accounts and or accounts of other beneficiaries in other banks in the country.

The third party transfer service is the first fully automated online transfer service in Ghana that allows GT Bank customers who are profiled on the bank’s internet banking platform to transfer money from their cedi account with internet devices to similar accounts in other banks and/or to other beneficiaries’ accounts in other banks.

The service is the first of its kind in the country.

What pertains currently is that customers of banks who are profiled on internet banking platforms of their banks transfer money between their accounts and/or from their account to another account within the same bank.

A statement from GT Bank, however, said a fully automated GT Bank third party online transfer service would be enabled across bank transfers.

“Once profiled on the platform, customers are given a drop down option of all banks in Ghana on the internet banking page.After selecting the bank to which the transfer is going, another page pops up for the customer to input recipient’s account name, number and other details to effect the transfer,” the statement, which was copied to the Daily Graphic, said.

It, however, added that the service would be limited to transfers within the country for now, pending an upgrade by colleague banks.

The statement quoted the Managing Director of the GTBank, Mr Lekan Sanusi, as saying the initiative was a manifestation of the bank’s desire to introduce new products and services for its customers.

“At GT Bank, we continually seek new and innovative ways of providing additional comfort for our customers,” Mr Sanusi said.

The statement added that customers interested in the service would have to request for it from any GT Bank branch nationwide.