Dr. Josiah Aryeh Stole Spoons And Flower Pots….

A group known as the movement for BETTER GHANA has accused Dr. Josiah Aryeh, the National Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP) for stealing spoons and flower pots from party office aside the vehicle he stole when leaving office to serve his suspension.

According to the group, it’s simply amazes them that such a morally corrupt person can have the effrontery to attack a government that is doing everything possible to improve the lives of its good people.

Addressing a session of the media, spokesperson for the group, Mr Samed Akalilu noted that the group, ‘Movement for Better Ghana’ has observed with an unfortunate interest, recent attacks on the government and leadership of the NDC by Dr. Josiah Aryeh

As a movement, we cannot begrudge any well-meaning Ghanaian for contributing in diverse ways including intellectual discourse towards a Better Ghana. However, characters like Josiah Aryeh whose image can only be traced into a Nadir cannot claim to be angel in our nation, he noted.

We wish to advise Mr. Aryee and his cohorts in the failed NDP that in their inordinate and lustful attempts to dance to the tune of their pay masters, i.e the NPP, they can do that constructively as expected by any well meaning opposition political party.

They however added that they are confident that his Excellency John Dramani Mahama will succeed in delivering the social contract the NDC has signed with the good people of Ghana.