Ade Coker Boys Caution Manly Spain…..Call On NDC Hierarchy To Cut Him To Size

Ade Coker

Ade Coker

Support for Ade Coker, a support group advocating for the re-election of Mr. Ade Cooker as the Greater Accra Regional Chairman in the soon to come NDC congress has cautioned Mr. Manly Spain, an aspirant for the seat to refrain from the use of divisive and provocative languages against his opponent or prepare to be met in the same measure or even more if persuasion fails.

Mr. Manly Spain is said to have alleged that the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NDC, Mr. Ade Coker who received a lot of criticisms for openly throwing his weight behind President Mahama and calling on those interested in the sitting president’s seat to temporarily kill those ambition to ensure that there’s no internal opposition from the NDC, has been disrespectful to the President and that the entire regional executive of the party were under performing.

Speaking to the press, the leader of the group, Hon. David Nii Abosay Braide, Former Presiding Member of the Ga South Municipal Assembly indicated that the need for sanity and self respect in the party instigated the group to react to the attitude of Mr. manly Spain before it got out of hand.

According to him, being an in-house contest, intemperate languages should not be tolerated and called on the party’s leadership to act on his false accusation spree before it gets out of hand.

“We believe in healthy rivalry in modern day politics which is played on the premises of decorum with high minded persons with wits to show respect to fellow aspirant”

“This is because the election is an in house contest targeted at strengthening the party to face our common opponent but not for us to tear ourselves apart before meeting our main”.

He said that the attitude of Mr. Spain is in contravention of Section (a) of Article 39 of the NDC constitution with the title- Code of Conduct which entreats all party members to ensure that there’s unity and cohesion in the party at all time.

“Instead of focusing on denigrating those who have fought for the survival of the party, he should tell the party what is has up his sleeves to offer the party and refrain from this divisive approach.

Mr. Braide added that the era of Mr. Ade Coker has brought sanity and discipline in the party and that has resulted in the calmness at every branch of the party even in the face of economic hardship.

He said, Mr. Ade Coker’s human relationship is second to none and this is what has resulted in the aura of peace that has surrounded the Greater Accra Wing of the party since his rise to the chairmanship position of the party..

He also pointed out that the party’s recent electoral exploits in the region should be the yardstick for assessing the performance of Mr. Coker as the Chairman of the Region and the other executives..

According to him, every serious political party retains its winning team and the NDC will not be so naïve to settle for people who have not been tried and tested with the 2016 elections staring right in the face all because of baseless accusations.

He called on the party to remain united and crack the whip when lawless members, irrespective of their status, stature and position overstep their boundaries.

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