TV3 Outlines Rules for Talented Kids Reality Show

TV3 Network, organizers of the Talented Kids entertainment show has launched the season five of its kids entertainment programme and has also charted the rules and regulations underlining the show.

The Talented Kids show was started by the television station five years ago, to create a platform for children to exhibit their creativity, showing the world the talents they have and have fun as well.

Contesting children display their talents through a number of activities including singing, rapping, acrobatics, playing instruments, and dancing.

Speaking on the rules and regulations, at an interaction with journalists on Sunday in Accra, Mr. Felix Dontoh, head of brands at TV3, said the show was strictly for children between the ages of 7 and 12, stressing that organizers of the show “are very serious on the age groups”.

According to him, if after picking a contestant to participate in the programme it is realized later that he or she had lied about his or her age, punitive measures would be used to disqualify the child. This, he said, would ensure transparency and fairness, to show TV3’s commitment to a fair show.

Mr. Dontoh disclosed that the weekly eviction exercise was not based on voting or SMS, but rather upon the marks scored by the children as compiled by the judges. He added that organizers of the show offer the services of psychologists to counsel the children enough to help them to understand and face the horrible face of eviction.

He noted that this was necessary as some of the children feel awful, and sometimes cry and go through some psychological problems when they are evicted.

Touching on the prizes, the head of TV3 brands said the cash prize promised to a winner of the show is not given physically. He explained that the money is used to open an account for the winner, and is managed by TV3 until the child attains the age of 18 to assume the full management of the account.

Apart from the promised prizes, Mr. Dontoh said, other “necessary” prizes are offered to a particular winner as and when needful.

He also disclosed that nobody, be it himself or any staff of the television station is allowed to have any interaction with the contestants with the exception of the producer, Miss Cecilia Asare, and her executive supervisor, Mr. Gabriel Bosompim – so that no one is accused of favouring any contestant.

Mr. Dontoh said this year’s show features a total number of 28 contestants selected from Accra, Kumasi, Bolgatanga, Cape Coast and outside Kumasi, and he assured viewers and lovers of the Talented Kids show of a 13-week thrilling and exciting programme.

Uncle Benedict Yartey, and Anutie Ami, who have been the judges of the show since its inception, are still on, with TV3’s own Jozy, as the presenter.

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