"Time Will Tell" …KKD Advises All Blacks Bleaching Their Skin

Ace Ghanaian broadcaster Mr. Kwasi Kyei Darkwa aka KKD ‘The Finest’ has reacted after Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson stated in an interview with KOD on GH One Entertainment TV that she is disappointed in KKD for making some comments on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” that she (Yvonne) is bleaching.

“And I heard that KKD said in an interview that I have bleached my skin. I am so disappointed in him”, Yvonne said.

KKD has in response (though Indirect) to Yvonne’s interview, sent a word of advice to all black celebrities and public personalities who use chemicals to change their skin colour.

Read full unedited words KKD pasted on facebook this morning:

“Black is beautiful.
Love the skin you are in. If you have bad rashes, deal with them through a doctor and his/her medical prescriptions.

Many otherwise pretty women today have weak skins on burnt faces, bosoms, arms, thighs and legs caused by the bleaching they denied they were doing in their youth.

As global warming makes our part of the world even hotter, and skins in tropical climes get darker to better protect us from the harsh rays of the sun, daughters of a proud black nation that spearheaded the independence revolution south of the unforgiving Sahara desert are getting quizzically lighter. Hmmmm.

Whilst bleaching remains off the radar in many educated & well-to-do African and Caribbean homes, it is saddening that the poor, illiterates in dire need of any passing act to imitate may just photocopy this needless practice of bleaching to the point where their elbows and knees will be nearly opposite in complexion to their cheeks and bosoms. Men, women, boys and girls are equally gullible as evidenced by some performers and their herd of sheep.

Black comes in many beautiful shades and hues; from the deepest ebony and mahogany to the richest chocolate and the softest caramel. From the beautiful and dignified Lupita Nyong’o, the dark and lovely Ini Edo and Emelia Brobbey through the sweet and sexy Jackie Appiah and Martha Ankomah, the classy Mrs Beyonce Carter, Mrs Afua Amoah Amofah And Halle Berry to the happy Juliet Ibrahim and Tracee Ellis Ross and many many more popular and unknown.

It is possible to be born this way and to LOVE THE BLACK YOU ARE IN.
As for the drunk who refuses to heed the barman’s caution about another one for the road, he still has a homeward journey and the whole of tomorrow to contend with. Skin, like hips, don’t lie. Ask the blessed Michael Jackson. Time will tell.”

Speaking to Peacefmonline.com this afternoon after we read his article on facebook, KKD said his comment on his facebook page is not directed at only Yvonne Nelson but to all black people who think they look nicer being light skinned than their God given natural black skin.

KKD further told Peacefmonline.com that if he was President of Ghana he would never give public office to any man or woman who bleaches their skin.

He said skin bleaching is becoming increasing serious especially in showbusiness and public figures who are supposed to be role models to the new generation. According to KKD anybody who bleaches their skin whether male or female has very low self-confidence and insecurity.

KKD stated on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” some weeks back that he has known Yvonne Nelson since her Miss Ghana days and her skin colour has clearly changed and obviously this did not go down well with Yvonne.