Nduom Raps Mahama

Papa Kwesi Nduom

Papa Kwesi Nduom

, the Presidential Candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), has offered what he says are ‘humble suggestions’ to President John Dramani Mahama on how to turn the economy around.

According to Dr. Nduom, ‘it is time for us to focus our minds on solutions to the economic and currency problems we face,’ as Ghanaians continue to experience harsher economic conditions, coupled with the free-fall of the Cedi.

A news release entitled, ‘The economy, the Cedi – What To Do, What Not To Do’ issued in Accra and signed by Dr. Nduom (fondly called Edwumawura in political circles) said, ‘We must move from being experts at discussing problems to becoming excellent at identifying, agreeing and implementing sound solutions.’

He said that ‘there are no easy short-term solutions and what we must do require sacrifice, efficient administration, a keen eye on corruption, courage and leadership that is unwavering in the face of domestic and international backlash.’

Outlining what can be described as the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ in economic management, Dr. Nduom advised President Mahama ‘to provide leadership that acts with a sense of urgency.’

He also said the President must recognize that ‘the problems will not go away immediately,’ adding, ‘patient, purposeful, knowledgeable and courageous leadership is what we need now.’

Dr. Nduom, an economic expert, underscored, ‘Creating a market for the private sector to thrive also requires selflessness on the part of the President and his administration,’ adding, ‘which is also why corruption and ‘jobs for the boys and girls’ must be carefully but seriously attacked.’

Dr. Nduom said at Ghana’s critical stage of development, the President needed to implement what he called a comprehensive public sector reform, saying, ‘without a right-sized public sector, properly equipped with technology and appropriate supervision, we will continue to miss targets and fail to implement important public investments needed to support the type of economy we want.’

He said Ghana also needs to enhance the national identification system and use it to bring what he called ‘the discipline we need,’ adding, ‘we cannot manage what we cannot count, identify, find or control.’

He said the government should use the state’s power ‘to tax to discourage importation of what we can produce in Ghana and encourage those who produce manufactured goods in Ghana for export.’

Dr. Nduom further advised President Mahama to ‘immediately start using the state’s purchasing power to buy Ghanaian goods and services, including encouraging our entrepreneurs to produce what we need.’ He noted that ‘the School Feeding Programme offers a wonderful opportunity to provide a market now for our farmers and food processors.’

He asked the President to provide special incentives to those who process and add value to raw materials such as cocoa, timber, oil and gas and pineapple.

He also urged the president to implement the new pension law. ‘Currently, what is happening is a half-hearted attempt to involve the private sector and so SSNIT is still managing what should be with the private sector,’ he maintained.

‘We must all as individuals not just talk or suggest, but give support when leaders take good steps.  I will take this advice.  But we must also speak up when our leaders choose the wrong path.’

By William Yaw Owusu

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