KATH Doctors Remain On Strike

The strike by doctors and nurses at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is expected to linger a while longer as hospital authorities failed to convince striking doctors and nurses to return to work.

An emergency meeting held, Monday, to convince the doctors and nurses to rescind their decision and return to work was deadlocked with no sign of the doctors returning.

The doctors claim they are not convinced with security measures taken by hospital authorities to secure the lives of caregivers in the hospital.

KATH has over the past few days seen cases of violence with doctors and nurses being assaulted by marauding Muslim youth demanding bodies of dead relatives.

Two doctors and a number of nurses were said to have been assaulted by the angry Muslim Youth, who are accusing the hospital authorities of stealing the body of a baby dead at birth.

Just this Saturday, another batch of Muslim youth stormed the hospital to tongue-lash nurses, who insisted on having all documentary processes concluded before the corpse of a dead Muslim is handed to the relative.

The angry Muslim youth feared the corpse of their relative may get missing, like that of the dead baby, if the body is not handed over to them.

The controversy created some chaos at the D5 ward of the hospital, much to the chagrin of patients and caregivers.

Doctors and nurses say they are no longer feel safe in discharging their duties.

The increasing spate of attacks has led to a security beef-up at the hospital and its environs.

Nhyira FM’s Ohemeng Tawiah reported that uniformed, as well as plain clothed security personnel were seen patrolling the hospital premises, but the doctors say they are not convinced.

At the emergency meeting held early Monday, the doctors told hospital authorities until all security lapses are resolved, they are not returning to work.

According to Ohemeng Tawiah, most of the hospital wards are empty. Patients have been discharged to seek healthcare elsewhere as it is not yet clear when the doctors will resume work.