Health Insurance Service Providers Threaten Cash And Carry If…

The Health Insurance Service Providers Association of Ghana (HISPAG) says it is considering going back to the cash and carry system in reaction to prosecution of its members for non-payment of workers’ SSNIT contributions.

Numerous HISPAG members have been prosecuted by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) for their inability to adhere to the mandatory payment of the social security contributions of their workers.

At the launch of the HISPAG’s Upper East regional chapter, the Chief Executive Officer of the association, Frank Richard Torblu, called on SSNIT to waive penalties against the embattled health insurance service providers.

“SSNIT is aware of the fact that providers have been crying for funds…they are very much aware…workers from SSNIT go to hospitals that they are taking to court and services have [been] rendered [to them without cash],” he lamented.

Frank Richard Torblu added that it is highly unfair for SSNIT to proceed to court after receiving care and drugs from the same hospitals it has taken to court.

Upper East regional chairman of HISPAG also thinks SSNIT is “muddying the waters”.

He said HISPAG members have not been paid salaries of workers for the past eight months because government has reneged on paying for services provided.

“So now, if a service provider has not paid its workers, how can they get money to pay workers’ social security contributions?” He quizzed.