GYEEDA Rot: Mahama Is Culpable…Can’t Absolve Himself From Scandal

Managing Editor of the Daily Searchlight, Ken Kuranchie has bemoaned the level of corruption in the Mahama government.

Ken Kuranchie, speaking on Oman FM‘s “National Agenda“, regarding the findings in the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Agency (GYEEDA) report was cocksure President John Mahama has a hand in the GYEEDA rot.

According to him, President Mahama was privy to every move that was undertaken under GYEEDA and so, believed it would be difficult to sanction the culpable ones.

He however appealed to government to strip the officials indicted by the report off their positions if only it intends to allow justice to take its course.

Citing other corruptible practices and judgement debt cases recorded under the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ken Kuranchie held strongly that the attempt by government to prosecute the culprits will come to naught if they remain in their respective offices.

Further singling out the Food and Agriculture Minister, then Minister of Youth and Sports, Clement Humado who stands indicted according to some reports over his involvement in the schemes that led to the rot in the GYEEDA programme, Ken Kuranchie claimed monies stolen were used by the NDC government to finance their elections.

“There’s no way that we can approve GHC50 million contract to pay someone without (President) John Mahama not privy to it. It’s not possible…He’s the President of Ghana in charge of the public wheel…This is money they plundered for the election,” he indicated.