Gbevlo Lartey Explains Why He Pulled Down UG Toll Booth

The National Security Coordinator Larry Gbevlo Lartey has justified the demolishing of a toll booth at the Okponglo entry point of the University of Ghana early Tuesday.

Officials from his office undertook the operation at dawn.

Col. Gbevlo Lartey said the structure had to be pulled down to ease congestion at the University’s entrance since it had been wrongly cited.

“They have started some construction at that point which I can see the intent to turn into a toll booth when completed and that has been removed because it cannot be there” Col. Gbevlo Lartey said.

He added that “there are two parts of this, the first thing is that it shouldn’t be there in the first place because they are causing complete nuisance to everybody and the second is that their intent to construct a toll booth there must be stopped now before they complete it”.

The University of Ghana started charging road tolls at the beginning of February to recoup a loan it took to fix its roads. Two students of the University have taken the matter to court and it is yet to be decided on.