Gbese Mantse debunks reports of destoolment

The Gbese Mantse and the Adonten of the Ga State, Nii Ayi Bontey II, has debunked media reports that he had been destooled by a court ruling. He said the information lacked substance and should not be welcomed by anybody.

He has, therefore, challenged the media to always contact the right sources and do the necessary checks in order not to misinform the public.

The Principal Kingmaker of the Gbese Stool, Nii Okai Kasablofo IV, who spoke on behalf of the Gbese Mantse during a press conference at the Gamashie Palace in Accra, noted that his outfit’s attention had been drawn to “a series of malicious falsehood by a section of the media seeking to give a twisted interpretation to a recent court ruling involving the Gbese Stool”.

According to the statement, an imposter who went by the name Bill Okaija Annan, also known as Nii Okaija III, was behind the misinformation that had characterised the Gbese Stool, stressing that he had been unlawfully parading himself as the Gbese Mantse.

He said there had been rumours that Nii Ayi Bonte was not even a Ghanaian and for this and other reasons best known to these people, he was not the guardian of the Gbese Stool.

Nii Okai Kasablofo, however, stressed that Nii Ayi Bonte was the custodian of the Gbese Stool and that he was the only person whose name had been gazetted in the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs as the Gbese Mantse and the Adonten of the Ga State.

To buttress his point, he noted that Nii Ayi Bonte’s great great-grandfather was Nii Ayi Bonte I, who ruled from 1911-1940, saying he was installed by the then Gyasetse, Nii Okai Kasablofo III. “So why are some people illegally parading themselves, knowing the implications of their actions?”

He further noted that the rule of law worked slowly but would surely take its course on such recalcitrant characters.

He said his outfit would not be deterred by such fallacies, but would rather focus on achieving the quest of the people of Gbese, which includes sanitation, quality education and creating employment opportunities for his people.

Nii Ayi Bontey has, therefore, urged the people of Gamashie to co-exist peacefully and contribute meaningfully to the development of the nation.

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